Jewellery Collections


The jewellery collection solidliquid is based around the venetian chain. The collections basic shape and grounding idea comes from the chain itself. Since the venetian chain is made of boxes it is limited in its movement abilities. It can only bend to a certain degree which forms its maximum curve. In the solidliquid collection this curve is mirrored by the stiff square wire to be the fitting counterpart to the chain that continues the flow of the chain. The wire is a solid version of the flexible chain. In most pieces of the collection the design is centered around this interaction.



The jewellery collection ghost is Rebecca Wolfs graduate work. Read about the theory behind this collection and look at the variation of pieces.


The jewellery collection vivid is a student collab with the german jewellery company Teno. Read about the story behind this collection and look at the pieces.


The jewellery collection spheres is a CAD study on rings. Click to see the pieces and their development from cad file, to rendered image, to 3D model, to silver cast.