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Ariadne | large transparent disc earrings

Ariadne | large transparent disc earrings

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The Ariadne earrings are flat round lucite disc ear studs. They are made of clear acrylic with silver ear studs.

Despite their size, these earrings are very lightweight.

Ariadne is the subdued specimens among the statement earrings as clear jewellery is very subtle until you give it a second glance.

The silver stud is tightly riveted close to the edge of the disc to create a strong bond between both materials. The stud goes through the material and holds the disc mechanically - no glue involved.

Ear stud and disc are polished while the edge of the disc is frosted to capture the light.

Diameter of the disc 3,6cm
Disc thickness 3mm

The ear studs are also available in two smaller versions...

Care instructions:
As silver jewellery tends to tarnish when in contact with the air, it should be stored airtight when it is not worn.

 In the case of acrylic, please note that it is relatively easily scratched and should therefore not come into contact with rough or sharp-edged objects without protection. Especially in the case of a flat surface, such as that of these earrings, packaging in a plastic bag is recommended for transport and storage. Rough or sharp-edged objects also include other pieces of jewellery made of metal and nail files.

Solvents such as acetone can damage acrylic. Therefore you should keep your acrylic jewellery away from cleaning agents containing solvents, cosmetics such as nail polish remover and disinfectants.

dry - rub with a silver cleaning cloth
wet - soak briefly with warm water and mild detergent, use a soft sponge or toothbrush to clean and then dry off.

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