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Aura | flexible box chain ring

Aura | flexible box chain ring

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Aura is a chain ring made from sterling silver box chain.

This box link ring has straight edges but is smooth to touch.

Flexible chain rings only get their typical round ring shape when worn.

Since the ring moulds to the natural shape of the finger it is very comfortable to wear.

You will find that it can roll around itself even when worn on your finger which makes it a nice fidgeting toy that is very subtle.

To me it is relaxing because it gives me something to do with my hands.
It can relief anxiety and become a calming ritual to play with this chain ring on your finger.

And of course the Aura ring looks chic when you wear it.


Please tell us your ring size when ordering.

In order to size this ring I have to take out 2 chain links at a time.
This means it is only available in the following sizes:

inner diameter ø
15,4mm / US size 4.5 (4-) / circumference of the finger 48mm
16,2mm / US size 5.7 (5-) / circumference of the finger 51mm
16,7mm / US size 6.1 (6) / circumference of the finger 52mm
17,2mm / US size 6.8 (6-) / circumference of the finger 54mm
17,6mm / US size 7.2 (7) / circumference of the finger 55mm
18,2mm / US size 8.0 (7-) / circumference of the finger 57mm
19mm / US size 9.1 (9) / circumference of the finger 60mm
19,7mm / US size 9.9 (9-) / circumference of the finger 62mm
20,4mm / US size 10.7 (10-) / circumference of the finger 64mm
21,1mm / US size 11.4 (11) / circumference of the finger 66mm

Your actual ring size might be between two possible sizes. The flexibility of the ring makes it possible to wear this chain ring a bit too big because it hugs your finger and won't fall off.

Measure either the circumference of your finger or the inner diameter of a ring that fits you to determine your size.

Many of my customers don't know their ring size or are unsure how to measure.
My best tips are using a narrow zip tie to measure at home or getting your ring size measured professionally. You can get your ring size measured at any jewellers. This service should be free.

I offer the first ring size change for free if the ring you ordered doesn't fit right.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.


This ring comes in a jewellery box and is ready to be gifted.

We recommend this ring in polished finish so that all surfaces of the boxes reflect the light - but if you like it mat we will be happy to follow your wishes.


Care instructions:
As silver jewellery tends to tarnish when exposed to air, it should be stored airtight when it is not worn.

dry - rub with a silver cleaning cloth
wet - soak briefly in warm water with mild dish soap, use a soft sponge or brush to clean and then dry off

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