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Dina | small circle ear studs

Dina | small circle ear studs

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Dina are delicate circle stud earrings that are handmade in sterling silver.
They make the perfect little every day earrings.

Length: 1.1cm
1cm is the length of the earstud
Width: 7.5mm
Height: 7.5mm

The radius of the circle of these earrings is 7.5mm.

The Dina earrings are made of square wire that has a thickness of 1mm.
By using this square wire the earrings have a flat reflective surface
and tight edges to catch the light.
This detail gives them a clean and simple look.

The Dina earrings are available with a second circle element to be worn behind the ear.

And in Gold 

These earrings come in a jewellery box and are ready to be gifted.

Care instructions:
As silver jewellery tends to tarnish when exposed to the air, it should be stored airtight when it is not worn.

dry - rub with a silver cleaning cloth
wet - soak briefly in warm water with mild dish soap, use a soft sponge or toothbrush to clean and then dry off.

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