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Emmie | golden double ear climber

Emmie | golden double ear climber

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The double ear climber Emmie is handmade in sterling silver and plated with an extra thick layer of 18 carat yellow gold. It is great for every day wear.

The two tiered design gives theses earrings their special style.
Both arched lines follow each other but they have different sizes.
Their multiple edges catch the light and create visual lines that flow along the ear.

Emmie arches are made from sterling silver square wire.
One in 1x1mm the other 1.5x1.5mm profile.
The hook part is made of 1mm round silver wire and threads through your earlobe to hold the earrings behind your ear.

The bend of the earrings follows the natural arch of the ear.

Earclimber earrings are very lightweight and comfortable to wear.
You can hardly notice them when wearing.
You can use silicone stoppers to secure them for a closer fit.

dry - rub with a silver cleaning cloth
wet - soak briefly in warm water with mild dish soap, use a soft sponge or toothbrush to clean and then dry off.

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