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Jonie | dainty twisted ear climber

Jonie | dainty twisted ear climber

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The Jonie ear climbers are very unusual earrings that make you stand out while being easy to wear.
A great alternative to hanging earrings that can be hassle to wear on busy days.

The earrings are very lightweight and comfortable to wear.
You can hardly notice them when wearing.

They can be secured behind the ear with the hook without pinching. Use silicone stoppers to secure them for a closer fit.

The bend of the earrings follows the natural arch of the ear.
The hook part is a 1mm round wire just like regular ear studs.

Since every ear is different we are happy to make a custom size for you.

To chose your size, measure from your ear hole to the point
that you want the earring to go to.

Every piece of jewellery comes in a jewellery box and is ready to be gifted.


Also available in gold


Care instructions:
As silver jewellery tends to tarnish when exposed to the air, it should be stored airtight when it is not worn.

dry - rub with a silver cleaning cloth
wet - soak briefly in warm water with mild dish soap, use a soft sponge or toothbrush to clean and then dry off.

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